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How carton box is made?

How carton box is made?


Carton is a widely used packaging product made of multi-layer paper. It is the most important modern packaging, transportation and storage container.

In order to increase the strength of the carton, several layers of paper are usually glued together, and paper is added in the middle, so this kind of carton is also called corrugated paper box.

The corrugated box uses corrugated cardboard to form an arched structure after bonding, which can protect the internal products, and can also prevent impact and shock, and has very good mechanical properties.

The structure of corrugated boxes is very suitable for handling and stacking, not only can reduce costs, but also easy to achieve automation and mechanization.

Corrugated paper of different specifications

The raw material of corrugated board is paper that needs to reach the grade of carton. Generally, the corrugated paper core is mainly made of longer log fibers, while the upper and lower layers of cardboard are made of shorter hardwood fibers.

Various recycled waste papers are also used, filtered, shredded into pulp and dried into large rolls of paper.

The first step is to press the corrugated paper core. The paper is pulled out of the large roll by the machine and enters a set of high temperature and high humidity corrugated rollers with gears. Under the pressure of the two gear rollers, the paper forms a corrugated shape with unevenness and convexity. Corrugated cardboard has strength and cushioning capacity.

The formed corrugated paper core will meet another roller with glue, and the corrugated paper core will be glued on one side, and it will just stick to the roll paper drawn from the other roller during the rotation.

There is also a roll of paper glued on the other side of the corrugated cardboard, and after the glue is dried at a high temperature, a double-layer corrugated cardboard will be formed.

Next, according to the required carton specifications, the large sheets of cardboard are cut and stacked. After quality inspection, they are bundled and cut according to the specific box design.

Then stack the cut cardboard and let it pass through the rubber rollers to print the graphics on the surface of the cardboard.According to the drawings, the printed cardboard is rolled by a machine to form creases, and glue is applied to the seal.

Stick the sealing parts of the carton together according to the creases. Some sealing parts need to be stapled. The final finished corrugated cardboard needs process inspection and various tests, and it can be used after it is qualified.

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