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Gift box scheming, gift box, sample album, packing box

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-07

;Gift Box; The basis of the strategy is the judgment principle of psychology. In this case, people's judgment of value is not based on the product itself, but on the gift box that comes with the product. The more expensive the gift box, the more popular the product is. considered valuable. Just like putting a diamond ring into a noble gift box magnifies the attraction, the gift box is a powerful foil for the product. So, you should choose a suitable gift box for your product, so as to expand the appeal of the product. If a customer already has a reason to buy your product, you should jump at the opportunity and give them a suitable gift box. They don't need to pay the price of the whole set of luxury products, but only the price of the product itself. It is conceivable that the inner surprise can be transformed into a huge potential purchase desire. That's the psychology of gift boxes.

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