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corrugated shipping boxes

corrugated shipping boxes


Corrugated Boxes: The Best Choice for Shipping

Last-mile deliveries are very crucial for a brand’s reputation. While the quality of service is a key determinant for successful last-mile deliveries, the type of box/ carton used, also matters. During the journey, from the starting point to the customer’s doorstep, a box goes into many hands. 

The packaging you deliver products plays a critical role in what your customer thinks of you; of course, you want that impression to be a good one. While many organizations use carton boxes, corrugated boxes are the best heavy-duty packaging material for shipping your products –especially long distances. 

Corrugated Boxes: The Best Shipping Boxes

Whether you simply want to ship your merchandise or have extra requirements like personalized mailing boxes, corrugated boxes are much better than the other available options. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons that make corrugated boxes the best custom shipping boxes. 

1.) Corrugated Boxes are Sturdy

Corrugated boxes are made with a triple wall design, making them durable and sturdy. The first layer is the inside liner; the other one is an outsider liner and the third layer of fluting between the two. While these boxes are light in weight, they provide superior cushioning for heavier products.The three-layer protection makes these boxes tear-resistant in transit. Even for the fragile items, such as chemical liquids or glass products, you can get custom designed cardboard boxes. The intact packaging protects products, such as food items, from moisture, especially during long transit.

2.) Corrugated Boxes can be Customized

The first image that comes to mind when you hear the word “shipping box” is a plain brown box. However, today, from customized boxes with your company logo to beautifully designed shipping boxes, and even boxes with inside print, there are many exciting options. 

You can even get flame-resistant boxes or experiment with different adhesives and treatments. From shipping to packaging and storage needs, there are endless options for corrugated box design and customization. 

3.) Corrugated Boxes are Eco-Friendly

Climate change poses a big threat to all of us. While you may not have the power to do something big, you can take little steps, such as switching from plastic to corrugated shipping boxes. Corrugated boxes are economical and can be re-used. 

The light-weighted boxes can be easily folded after use and won’t occupy much space. You may use it later in your home, store, or office. 

Final Thoughts

During a supply chain cycle, your product goes through many stages. The last thing you would want is to deliver a broken or stale product to your customer. For long transportation routes as well as short-distance shipment needs, a corrugated box is often the best choice. Not only is it sturdy, but it is also a secure option for heavy and fragile products. Customized shipping boxes with your company logo can also work as a great marketing tool! From color to size, strength, and printing options, you can design a corrugated box according to your needs. 


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