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How to Make DIY Christmas Paper Gift Bags?

How to Make DIY Christmas Paper Gift Bags?


Christmas paper gift bags are undoubtedly the charm of every Christmas! These are considered as important as gifts. It’s because the value of a gift doubles up by its packaging and presentation. You can choose any gift bag type, from simple and cute ones to glossy and elegant ones depending on your choice. This Christmas, why not do something different and make DIY Christmas paper gift bags to amaze everyone? It’s indeed a great idea! This way, you can enjoy the festivities to the fullest by indulging yourself in the fun activity of making DIY paper bags.

In this article, we will take you through the detailed guidelines by which you can make your personalized Christmas paper gift bag. Let’s dive right into it!

What Will You Need?

Here is the list of things you must grab before hopping onto the guide.

· Wrapping paper

· Scissors

· Tape

· Ribbon (optional)

· Whole puncher (optional)

3D Cartoon Custom Christmas Gift Paper Bag With Handle

Step-By-Step-Guide to Making a DIY Christmas Paper Gift Bag

Now, follow the steps mentioned below and make the best Christmas paper gift bags to pack your Christmas gifts this year!

Step 1: Measure and Seal with Tape

The very first thing is to measure the width of your gift. Once you know how much paper you'll need, fold the paper in half and seal it with tape. Proceed with folding the bottom end up.

Step 2: Fold and Tape the Bottom

Reveal the inside of the paper by opening the bottom end. Fold in the left and right edges and the top and bottom. Seal all folds by using tape.

Step 3: Place the Gift

Flip your DIY Christmas paper gift bag and open it. Fold the top over after placing the gifts.

Step 4: Make Ribbon Handles

Use a hole puncher to punch holes in the bag and pass the ribbon through these to make ribbon handles. For handles, you can also use something else like the organza, ribbed ribbon, or Kraft paper rope.

Christmas Paper Gift Bag Decoration Ideas

Let's be creative in styling the Christmas paper gift bags the way you like! Don’t just go with grabbing a red marker and making some bows on your DIY paper bag; there are lots more you can do. Let’s have a look at some of the cute ideas for paper gift bag decoration!

1. Make and Add Raffia Bows

You can add two red-colored raffia bows right where you punched the hole to amp your Christmas paper gift bag. Here is how you can make the bows.

· Cut 6-inch long strips of Raffia.

· Tie four to six Raffia strips into a bow

· Repeat the process to make another bow

· Stick each of them with a dab of hot glue

· Gently press the bow from the middle to secure it in its place.

2. What About Holly Berries?

Here is how you can make Holly Berries for your Christmas paper gift bags.

· Crumple tiny pieces of red-colored tissue paper into cute little balls

· Paint or stamp two hollies leave on your DIY Christmas paper gift bag using the green paint

· Put a dab of hot glue with a glue gun onto the edges of each holly set

· Grab and gently press three red tissue paper bags

· Voila! You have made beautiful holly berries.

3. Decorate with Tree Leaves or Cinnamon Sticks

To add a Christmassy touch, you can glue some pine tree leaves or pinecones directly onto the paper. Another idea is to glue cinnamon sticks on the bag using the glue gun. You can add as many as you can, but two look decent.

Wholesale Recyclable Ivory paper Cute Christmas Bag

Key Instructions for Decorated Christmas Paper Gift Bags

Here are some instructions that you must keep in mind when storing your decorated gift bags.

· Don’t place gifts in the bags until these are completely dry.

· Cover your Christmas paper gift bags with tissue paper.

· Cut one-foot-long Raffia strips and hold them together to tie the gift bag handles with a giant Raffia bow. How cute is that!

How to Make Gift Tags?

It’s time to make the gift tags! So, without further delays, let’s hop on below to learn about their making process.

· Grab a manila paper or recycled card stock and cut some rectangular shapes out.

· Write "To" and "From" on each of the tags using paints, crayons, or colorful markers.

· Add any other message you want. It can be anything from a heartfelt “I love you” to a joyful “Merry Christmas” or more.

· Use the hole puncher to punch another hole in the gift bag corners.

· Insert the “To” and “From” blanks with the names. You can be pretty creative here, too. For instance, you can skip the tradition of writing names and write phrases like "Your loved one."

· Lastly, tie the handles together using Raffia and hang the gift tags with the handles by passing Raffia through the punched hole.

Short on Time? Get Your Christmas Paper Gift Bags Customized!

Although the whole process is fun and joyful, if you are short on time, you can get your Christmas paper gift bags customized. Wondering what company you should go with? Jialan Package must be your first choice! Go through their exclusive range of Christmas paper gift bags and find ones of your choice or get them customized. They give you great control over customization as you can tweak everything from size, printing colors, finishing touches, and more. This amazing online seller not only provides Christmas paper gift bags but also offers paper boxes, wrapping papers, party decorations, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Hop onto their website and get all the packaging and party décor supplies from them!

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have summarized detailed guides on making DIY Christmas paper gift bags and decorating them. However, you can get your bags customized from Jialan Package besides doing everything yourself. Hope you find this brief yet comprehensive article helpful!

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