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How to Customize Paper Bags to Make Your Brand More Popular?

How to Customize Paper Bags to Make Your Brand More Popular?


In order to make your brand more popular, custom paper bags are a great way to stand out in the market. By personalizing these bags with your logo, colors, and messaging, you can create a unique and memorable experience for customers. Start by choosing high-quality materials that reflect the values of your brand and ensure durability for repeated use. Consider different sizes and shapes to accommodate various products or promotions. Add special finishes like gloss or matte coatings, embossing, or foil stamping to elevate the look of your bags. Don't forget about eco-friendly options such as recycled paper or reusable designs that align with current consumer trends.


Custom paper bags have several popular uses, including packaging, advertising, promotional events, sales, and giveaways. As far as sustainable packaging goes, custom paper bags will still be king in 2024. They are utilized by almost every company and have several uses.

Tips to Customize Paper Bags for Your Brand

Choose Your Color

The color of your bag is entirely up to you. Logos, paintings, flowers, and other colored characteristics may be added in addition to colors. Regarding custom paper bags, kraft paper has its own natural brown color, and its environmental friendliness usually inspires people. However, you can choose the color of your choice for your custom paper bags. The colors most commonly used in the market and largely accepted by consumers are black, white, brown, blue, yellow, etc.

Paper Type

A variety of papers are available for your bag construction. There is a wide range of paper thickness and strength. Paper with more strength is ideal for heavier items. There is a lighter paper choice if you offer lightweight things like jewelry, tiny gift items, and other accessories. These are the most common kinds:


● Kraft paper is usually used in custom paper bags. It is affordable, has a natural feel, and is good for the environment. Small—to medium-sized items work best with kraft paper.

● Recycled paper is an excellent option for environmentally aware companies. Because of its adaptability and range of thicknesses, recycled paper is ideal for various uses.

● Art paper's smooth texture makes it perfect for drawing and other design-intensive tasks, as the name implies. Art paper is available in various thicknesses, much like recycled paper. A wide range of textures can be found on art paper.  

Size Range

Custom paper bags may be mass-produced by automated machinery in widths and gussets ranging from 3.5" to 17" and lengths from 4" to 34".


With a printed or handmade order, your brand's message is displayed in nearly any shape or shade. Nonetheless, depending on the specifics of your final product, this might raise your purchase's cost.

Handle Styles

Even though handles are only an accessory, they make a statement about how much you value your bag. Customers will love you more if your custom paper bags are easy to handle. There is a wide variety of handles to choose from, such as:


● Flat

● Twisted Rope

● No Handle

● Die Cut

● Fabric

● Ribbon

With options ranging from 4" to 12" end-to-end, you may choose the perfect handle length to complement your bag's style and meet your business needs. Choices that are printed automatically or by machine include:


● Digital printing

● Foil printing

● Flex printing

● Screen printing

● Ink stamp

Final Product

Now that the outside of your custom paper bags looks lovely, how about the interior? If you want your paper bag to be a memorable experience for your clients, the customization journey shouldn't end there. Inside, the majority of paper bags are brown or white. To increase brand awareness, you may, for instance, imprint your logo or phrase on the inside of the bag. For a more opulent look on the interior of your bag, try embossing or debossing.


Spot UV varnish is another alternative; it may be used to create stunning, shiny designs within your bag. Think of the best way to display your brand on the bag. To make a striking, eye-catching statement. You may also create eye-catching graphics on the outside of the bag by using embossing and debossing techniques.  

Environmental Stability

What' s more, eco-friendly packaging is the hot topic today. The market is seeing a rise in the popularity of custom paper bags. They're more environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and promotional, and the high-quality kraft paper used to make them is also recyclable.


Nowadays, many things may be related to paper bags packaging. These include groceries, liquor bottles, apparel, toiletries, gadgets, books, etc. Your consumers may put them to good use by storing items or using them in the daily life; after all, they are reusable. Unlike their plastic equivalents, which remain in the environment for decades, they only need around one month to break down when buried in dirt.


Bottom Line

Regardless of your business's size, Jialan Package can assist you in developing a unique packaging strategy that will increase your sales and business revenue. Our professionals are here to help you realize your vision at a price that fits your company's budget.


Check out our product range of custom paper bags, and let us know how we can help you!

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