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An epoch-making progress has been made in the packaging of electronic products.

An epoch-making progress has been made in the packaging of electronic products.


With the high-speed development of society and science and technology level of explosive, many seemingly impossible before technology also gradually be implemented, the most direct is a lot of camera function of electronic products, so many electronic products packing box also slowly been paid great attention in packaging plant, it is not difficult to find that in recent years, used to load the 3 c packaging color box, U disk, headphones are more and more have taste, not as in the past is only a pit box is finished.

Along with the progress of the era, the electronic product box has a row the progress of The Times, that is, within the period of the electronic products are limited to a cellular phone, camera, the packaging of the products in the 1990 s basically is a delegate with a mobile phone brand do pit box, and the pit box inside, there is no doubt that the inside is covered with pieces of paper, through the paper card in electronic product packaging, and then through the hollow out technology, make product to knock to the benefits in the hollow out position, and some other fittings, are basically can be filled with a sealed plastic bags, though it looks old, But at the time it was a fairly standard box design.

So what does it look like on the inside of a box?

It and a lot of gift box of the specifications of the order is the same, usually electronic product box in Joe will choose sponge/Eva two kind of material is given priority to, with color cloth, paper, foam, sponge, the advantage of low cost, can save a lot of cost, and even with the framed flocking is not too expensive, but it was obvious to everyone, safety performance is extremely easy to interview by extrusion deformation, so once there is too violent vibration, SLR cameras this quality products, for example, extrusion deformation sponge hit electronics packaging box body, may cause some losses, so the common cases, In order to ensure the safety performance, electronic products packaging boxes and carton packaging factory than the general carton, the need for more internal protection.

So Eva is electronic product box in the highest priority, the compressive properties of the Eva on the sponge is indisputable, and the appearance of Eva makes a lot of electronics products have changed, especially in after the collapse of a mobile phone brand, Eva if you want to enter to be the biggest obstacle is the electronic product packaging market and pit box, but for now, made from within the pit box and need supporting electronic products, to say the packing box, and the extinct, now this epoch-making product is being widely used, but in addition to the electronic products packaging customization, For example, beauty products and health care products that need protection, Eva materials with higher protection performance are also used in the inner tray. Therefore, Eva can be said to be an epoch-making product of electronic product packaging boxes.


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