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8 Different Sizes Of Blue Christmas Gift Bags Online Wholesale/Jialan Package

8 Different Sizes Of Blue Christmas Gift Bags Online Wholesale/Jialan Package
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Christmas is the most anticipated day of the year. Children look forward to Santa Claus coming into their homes from the chimney and delivering gifts in their sleep. If you want to do something different at Christmas, Jialan recommends starting with color and choosing these cartoon Christmas gift bags printed with blue as the main background to bring a more purely romantic Christmas gift to the children.Here are the key features of this specific gift bag.

The charm of blue snowflake cartoon Christmas gift bags

Design: The bag is adorned with a delightful blue snowflake cartoon design. This decorative element adds a festive touch, capturing the spirit of the holiday season. The use of cartoons can make it especially appealing for children or those who appreciate playful designs.

Color: The predominant color of the bag is blue, a popular and calming hue often associated with winter and Christmas. Blue creates a serene and elegant backdrop for the snowflake and cartoon motifs.

Material: Typically made from high quality eco-friendly white card paper materials, these gift bags are designed to be durable and capable of holding a variety of gifts.

Size Options: Blue snowflake cartoon Christmas gift bags come in various sizes, catering to different gift dimensions. Whether it's a small trinket or a larger present, there's likely a size that fits your needs.

Handles: Many of these gift bags feature sturdy handles, making them convenient to carry. This is especially useful for heavier gifts, ensuring they can be transported comfortably.

Versatility: These bags are versatile and suitable for a wide range of gifts, including toys, books, clothing, and more. The festive design makes them perfect for exchanging gifts during Christmas parties and gatherings.

Horizontal version paper bags


Suitable for children's toys, shoes, water cup,scarves and other small items


Suitable for holding down jackets, cosmetics, scented candles and other heavy items.

Vertical version paper bags



Suitable for small gifts,candy,chocolate ect.


Suitable for flowers, sweaters, books, etc.


Suitable for shoes, stuffed toys and other large items             

Christmas paper wine bag with blue snowman design

This is a blue gift bag with cartoon Christmas elements specially created for red wine lovers.If you need, we can customize the design as per your requirements.

Regular Size:32x12x8cm 

Specification:Single wine bottle design

Capacity:Can hold 750ml red wine bottle

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