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2019 packaging design printing trends are OUT of date?

2019 packaging design printing trends are OUT of date?


How to attract customers? How to impress customers? How to impress customers? ... This series of promotion problems that make enterprises most headache can be solved by a good packaging design. With the development of The Times and the enhancement of brand promotion awareness, we have been liberated from the superficial traditional awareness of throwing away after using up the packaging. Packaging is an important channel to convey brand image and brand value. Once the packaging design and printing work is not done well, consumers' purchasing desire and product experience will be greatly reduced. With the coming of 2019, consumers have increasingly diversified demands and higher requirements for beauty. Meanwhile, environmental pollution has become increasingly prominent. In order to obtain the market, enterprises must adapt to this general trend in packaging box design and perfectly solve consumers' pain points. This is the key to winning in the fierce competition.

So what is the trend of packaging design printing in 2019?

1. Packaging design should be simple and clear. The 21st century is a fast-paced and increasingly fragmented year. Consumers do not have much time to study the details of each product. Only those clean, clear, simple and eye-catching packaging box design can attract their attention in the shortest time. Therefore, the brand in the printing and packaging needs to be represented by the text or picture information that can best summarize the characteristics of the enterprise.

2. The packaging design of 2019 USES the method of repeating patterns, which impresses the customer not to pay the bill. Constant repetition serves as an emphasis. By turning the visual theme of the essence of the brand into repeated patterns, enterprises can send a strong message to consumers, so that consumers can deeply remember you.

3. The experience of electronic packaging can reflect consumers' expectations when they are in store shopping. As more consumers embrace shopping, packaging and printing will play a key role in the e-commerce experience between brands and consumers. If the goods are opened when they arrive at home and are not expected, this will affect consumers' secondary shopping or negative evaluation of the brand. We know consumers have a herd mentality.

4. Personalized design. Every consumer is unique, and their demand for products is different. Even the same individual, influenced by society, environment, knowledge and other aspects, has different requirements for products from time to time. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve personalized and differentiated packaging. This can be done for different products, or the same product, different effects, packaging details should be different, or different seasons, product packaging should be different.

5, environmental protection. Packaging design in 2018 needs to adapt to the trend of environmental protection. Environmental pollution is not a new topic, but we have been emphasizing that many packaging factories use materials, and the printing process has no awareness of environmental protection and recycling. At present, paper packaging is a relatively environmentally friendly material, and to truly achieve no waste, no pollution of the environment, still need more efforts, better research materials.

6. Unique packaging design function. This one action to do the enterprise of electronic commerce product to be particularly clever. Through functional or decorative packaging, the packaging box or bag can improve the customer's sense of excitement when receiving the package, so they can't help but shoot a picture and put it on the circle of friends, and have a big sun exposure. This action will invisiblely expand the explosive luminosity of the brand and improve the positive image of the brand. Do e-commerce enterprises do not prevent a try.

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