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Wide application of kraft paper bag packaging

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-11

Among the four major materials of modern packaging (paper, plastic, glass and metal), paper and plastic are cheap, easy to process, have a wide range of raw materials, light weight and are not brittle. Therefore, they are widely used in daily life. However, due to the fact that plastic packaging materials are not easy to degrade by themselves, it will cause problems such as environmental pollution. According to the quantitative evaluation of international authoritative experts, paper is the green packaging material with development prospects.

Kraft paper bags refer to folded kraft paper bags and colored fine corrugated boxes made of cardboard and fine corrugated cardboard. It has the characteristics of light weight, portability, wide source of raw materials, environmental protection and exquisite printing. At present, internationally, especially in developed countries, the definition of kraft paper bag packaging is very clear, including kraft paper bag packaging for food, alcohol, medicine, daily necessities/cosmetics, tobacco, electronic products, etc. All belong to the category of kraft paper bag packaging. Due to the fierce market competition, more and more companies realize the importance of product image packaging in brand marketing. Kraft paper bags are more and more favored by enterprises due to their advantages of easy processing and exquisite printing effect, and become the choice of commodity packaging.

With the continuous advancement of printing technology and craftsmanship of kraft paper bags, there will be more sophisticated, practical and colorful kraft paper bags presented to the public. We can believe that the kraft paper bag printing industry will become a vibrant and promising industry for a long time from now to the future. Among various forms of paper packaging, the development of kraft paper bag packaging is rapid. It is widely used in tobacco, food, medicine, daily chemicals and other fields related to people's life information, and the demand is still expanding. In the United States, 80% of packaging and printing plants plan to switch to the field of kraft paper bag packaging; in China, it is growing rapidly at an annual rate of 18%. The high profit of kraft paper bag packaging and the huge consumption potential of packaging and printing have created a huge attraction for global kraft paper bag manufacturers across the country and the world, and they have rushed to enter the Chinese market as soon as possible to seize the opportunity.

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