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Why is the production of kraft paper bags so red?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-19

Compared with packaging paper bags made of other materials, the production of kraft paper bags has no advantages in terms of appearance, because the production of kraft paper bags cannot be printed too much, and the appearance is still relatively original. It just so happened that after going from luxury to dignity, with the drive of environmental awareness and cutting-edge fashion, the style of packaging is changing quietly. Now, under the guidance of a group of designers and cutting-edge brands, the packaging made of kraft paper bags, Is becoming a great hot spot in the industry.

Perhaps it is with the deepening of anti-corruption work in recent years, the high-end market of the packaging industry has become smaller and smaller. Every important festival in previous years, the packaging of gifts is very luxurious, and there are many cases where the packaging materials are more expensive than the goods themselves. However, in recent years, with the simplicity of gift packaging, the production of kraft paper bags has become a new favorite in the packaging industry because of its recyclability, multiple use, and low cost. How did you come to this conclusion? Just from the order situation of paper bag manufacturers, there are more and more orders for the production of custom kraft paper bags recently received. So the question is, there are so many materials for packaging paper bags, why is kraft paper the new favorite for packaging?

As a packaging material, kraft paper has high strength and is usually yellowish-brown. Its biggest advantage is that the production cost is low, and it often does not require filming, so the cost performance is very high. So what is the difference between kraft paper and ordinary paper? Why is it stronger than ordinary paper? Xiaobian popularized it. In fact, in terms of manufacturing methods, kraft paper is not much different from ordinary paper. Mainly, kraft paper is made of relatively long wood fibers, and the wood is treated with caustic soda and sulfide alkali chemicals. The advantage of this is that the chemical action of the material can be moderated, so that the original strength of the wood fiber is less damaged. Therefore, the kraft paper made of this pulp is closely interdependent between fibers, so the kraft paper is very strong. In addition, the natural brown appearance of primary color kraft paper has a healthy, retro flavor compared to bleached paper. Moreover, the natural brown color of kraft paper makes the production of kraft paper bags look warm, nostalgic, and has a pastoral style, which is very unique when used as a packaging material. Today, when the retro wind is getting stronger and stronger, it is reasonable that the production of kraft paper bags is favored.

The second reason why kraft paper bag making is so popular is its practicality. For food packaging materials, its primary function is to provide convenience and practicality. In this regard, the strength of kraft paper makes it an absolute advantage, and only a strong enough outer packaging can prevent the food from falling off. Of course, in terms of liquid food packaging, kraft paper can prevent the outflow of liquid food because it can remain unchanged in a humid environment, and can play a better role in packaging. In addition, for the materials required for the packaging of frozen food, the production of kraft paper bags can also meet the requirements. Compared to other foods, the temperature of frozen foods varies widely, and strength is the main factor to consider for frozen foods. In terms of strength, it is clear that kraft paper is better than homogeneous bleached kraft paper. This is why we always see the production of kraft paper bags when we go to KFC and McDonald's to eat.

Not only that, kraft paper also has a unique effect on the storage of tea leaves. Wrap the tea leaves with thin kraft paper, tie them tightly, and arrange the layered rings around the tea pot, which can also prevent the tea leaves from becoming damp. When storing wild vegetables in the refrigerator, wrap them with a layer of kraft paper and store them in the refrigerator to prevent the growth of bacteria. In addition, because kraft paper is highly absorbent, wild vegetables wrapped in kraft paper can prevent the loss of moisture and nutrients. In fact, kraft paper is also favored on the packaging of mobile phones. For example, currently the most classic is the Xiaomi mobile phone box, which is packaged with high-weight kraft paper, with special color and high burst resistance. The kraft paper bag made of it can well protect the phone from being damaged during transportation. .

After reading the many advantages of making kraft paper bags, you know why it is so popular, right? But being favored is one thing. In fact, there is still a big gap between my country's kraft paper industry and foreign countries, mainly because the industry is not concentrated and the utilization rate is extremely low. But at the same time, this also shows that there is still a lot of room for development of kraft paper in my country, doesn't it? So while the market is still vast, hurry up and start to be strong! Paper bag making, paper bag making!

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