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Why does the production of kraft paper bags explode?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-19

When using kraft paper packaging boxes and kraft paper bags, occasionally encounter the situation of kraft paper bags making paper edge burst, especially machine edge, when machine bag making, kraft paper edge burst situation is often more likely to occur , so why is this kind of situation prone to occur with kraft paper in the process of making paper bags?

1. The content of long fibers in kraft paper is relatively low

Generally speaking, kraft paper is a kind of paper with high long fiber content. Whether it is yellow kraft paper or white kraft paper, the long fiber content is usually required to be more than 60%, so as to effectively prevent the machine from pressing the edge. Edge burst occurs, and burst edge often occurs on recycled kraft paper products. Due to the different sources of recycled pulp used in recycled kraft paper, the long fiber content of recycled kraft paper is low, and it is prone to burst when the machine is pressed. edge case.

2. Changes in moisture content

When the kraft paper products are sent from the south to the north, the moisture content of the kraft paper is likely to change due to the change of moisture in the air. After a long storage time, the moisture will be lost. In the process of making the paper bag, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of edge burst. At the same time, it will also affect a series of problems such as printing effects. Haobai Paper reminds users that these are also places that need special attention.

3. Kraft paper texture

This is the smallest factor that causes kraft paper to burst, but it can occasionally cause kraft to burst.

The above are the common reasons for kraft paper bags to make paper edge burst. The editor especially reminds everyone to remind the supplier of the use and production process when purchasing kraft paper, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of kraft paper paper edge burst.

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