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Why do you generally choose coated paper for high-end paper bag production and printing?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-09

In this era of pursuit of beauty, customers pay more and more attention to the packaging design of products. Nowadays, the production and packaging of paper bags is not only a company's LOGO, but more and more paper bags are produced and designed with colorful colors. , which puts forward higher requirements for our manufacturers of gift boxes, and needs to restore the color that customers want very realistically. So what kind of paper has the highest degree of color reduction? I think this is what everyone wants to know.

We generally prefer 157g coated paper for paper bag making and printing. The coated paper has a coating on the surface, and the printed colors are very bright and bright, which can well reproduce the color requirements of customers. After the coated paper is printed, the surface is generally covered with a film, which can protect the paper and color well, and can also be waterproof, and the paper is not easy to be damaged. At the same time, other processes can also be done on the surface, such as bronzing, embossing, etc.

Three precautions for making high-grade paper bags

First, your own needs. When we make custom high-end paper bags, we must first clarify our own needs, and then tell our needs to the high-end paper bag manufacturers, so that the staff of the other party can understand our needs and make gift boxes according to our needs. The result is that when we received the finished gift box, we found that it was different from our requirements. If we wanted the manufacturer to remake it, we could only increase our budget for the high-end gift box, and it could not be attributed to the responsibility of the manufacturer. Therefore, for us Everyone is convenient and affordable. We must understand the precautions for custom high-end gift boxes. The first thing is to clarify our needs first.

Second, the choice of manufacturers. Since we want to customize high-end gift boxes, it means that we have certain requirements for the quality and aesthetics of the gift boxes, which requires us to choose a high-end paper bag manufacturer, because a good manufacturer will have a better grasp of our needs. We will try our best to meet our requirements, and relatively poor manufacturers are very likely to use production materials that do not meet our requirements, or the gift boxes that cannot be delivered to us within the required time. It will cause a certain impact. Therefore, in order for us to get our high-end gift boxes in a timely and guaranteed manner, we must pay attention to the second answer to this question: the choice of manufacturers.

3. Product fit. This is an important answer when we pay attention to the question of what are the precautions for custom-made high-end gift boxes, because the purpose of our custom-made high-end gift boxes is to package our products, so if the design concept of the gift box we finally get is aimed at If it is not our product, it will give people the feeling of being crowned and wearing it. It will also have a certain impact on the grade of the product, and it will also have an impact on the sales of the product, making everyone lose their desire to buy. Therefore, we are customizing high-end gift boxes. There must be strict requirements on the fit between the product and the gift box.

With the increasing demand for gift boxes, everyone must pay attention to the precautions for the production of high-end paper bags when customizing high-end gift boxes to ensure that our gift boxes can become beautiful coats for our gifts.

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