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Why do kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers recommend Tiandi cover box type cowhide?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-14

As a kraft paper bag packaging manufacturer, we found that the types of kraft paper bags customized by customers are mostly sky and earth covers, and kraft paper bags on the market are also mostly box types with sky and earth covers, such as tea boxes, clothing boxes, shoe boxes, gift boxes, mobile phones Most of the boxes are of the type with the cover of the sky and the earth.

According to the shape, the heaven and earth cover boxes can be divided into square heaven and earth cover boxes, rectangular heaven and earth cover boxes, round heaven and earth cover boxes, heart-shaped heaven and earth cover boxes and special-shaped heaven and earth cover boxes. All kinds of sky and earth cover boxes are used in all walks of life and have a wide range of adaptability. For example, the round heaven and earth cover box is often used for tea packaging, and the heart-shaped heaven and earth cover box is often used to package flowers, chocolates, etc., to carry the love and sweetness. Most of the boxes are rectangular or square.

Because the heaven and earth cover box type is simpler than the clamshell box, folding box, drawer box and other box types, even the heaven and earth cover box type with surrounding edges is not complicated. The heaven and earth cover is usually an upper cover and a lower cover. The upper cover completely or partially wraps the lower cover, which is very convenient to open. Under the same size, the cost of making sky and earth covers is often lower than that of other box types.

The advantage of the separation of the box cover actually greatly improves the load-bearing performance of the box and meets the basic needs of packaging and transportation.

Based on the above points, it is not difficult for everyone to understand why the Tiandi Lid packaging box has been so popular in the packaging industry for so many years. If you have any needs about the packaging of sky and earth lids or other kraft paper bags, please contact us with years of experience in kraft paper bag packaging customization, who can provide you with professional kraft paper bag packaging customization services.

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