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Why do kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers formulate MOQ

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-14

Kraft paper bag packaging manufacturer, as a professional manufacturer of kraft paper bag packaging customization, has MOQ for customized kraft paper bag packaging. Many customers have too little demand, so we have to euphemistically refuse to inquire, and suggest them to seek other manufacturers or go directly to Taobao to buy the spot and then stick a self-adhesive label.

Why do you need to set the MOQ for custom boxes? If the box is individually customized in small quantities, the unit price may exceed the customer's budget. Because the packaging production process is the same, it is necessary to open the mold, make the blade, and debug the machine. These costs are evenly distributed to each packaging box, and the unit price of each packaging box will naturally go up. For the customization of the packaging box that exceeds the MOQ, these costs are acceptable to most companies.

So if it is a custom box, the more the quantity, the better the discount. If customers are very interested in our products and eagerly hope to cooperate with us, but the quantity is small, the editor will suggest them to go through the proofing process. If they are willing to pay the proofing fee, the cooperation will be reached and the shipment will be very fast.

Most kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers will set a MOQ, not only packaging boxes, handbags and other product packaging also have MOQ. In fact, this is beneficial to the interests of customers and factories in the long run.

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