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Why do cosmetic paper bags have MDF in addition to paper?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-01

Recently, among the materials made of various forms of cosmetic paper bags, MDF is the most prominent one, because its special material is different from all kinds of paper. It is produced in paper bag factories and paper bags. It is one of the more prominent materials in factories and carton manufacturers and even in some paper bag making industries and paper bag making industries. Next, we will reveal to you the little knowledge of MDF made by professional cosmetic paper bags.

What exactly is MDF classified into, what is it used for, and why it can shine in the cosmetic paper bag making market, you must have quite a few questions. First of all, fiberboard is a material with a thickness of more than 1.5mm that is heated and pressurized with wood fibers or other fibers to add synthetic resin to shape. The MDF made of cosmetic paper bags is relatively symmetrical in structure and extremely stable, which is more conducive to cutting and processing. In addition, the MDF surface layer selected for the production of cosmetic paper bags can be pasted with more decorations and pictures, which can increase the level of beauty and be more decorative. In addition to the materials used to make cosmetic paper bags, they are also often used in the production of partitions and furniture.

So what are the strengths and weaknesses of such a magical cosmetic paper bag making MDF? The advantage of the fiberboard made of cosmetic paper bags is that the structure of the fiberboard material is finer and the surface layer is smoother, and the surface layer of the fiberboard made of cosmetic paper bags is easy to be painted and decorated. In addition, the toughness of the fiberboard selected for the production of cosmetic paper bags is also not easy to be broken.

So what are the disadvantages of fiberboard made of cosmetic paper bags: Fiberboard is less absorbent than other materials, so we must pay attention to moisture-proof when storing and using. The important constituent structure of fiberboard is powder particles, so the interior of the fiberboard selected for the production of cosmetic paper bags is relatively dense, but the nail-holding force is relatively weak, and the fixed links such as nails are also easy to loosen, which is relatively safe and stable. weaker. Another point is that the internal structure of the fiberboard is not so dense, so the density is not so high, so the fiberboard that is more suitable for the paper bag making industry can shine in the cosmetic paper bag making material.

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