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Why choose kraft paper for making tea handbags

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-30

u200bNowadays, the level of consumption is getting higher and higher, but some high-end brands are on the contrary and prefer to make some simple and simple paper bags. Kraft paper boxes are also increasingly favored by consumers in the market.

u200bSome time ago, when I was traveling, I wanted to bring some tea home to send to my relatives and friends. I visited a few tea shops. I thought that high-end tea should be made in high-end portable paper bags. What I didn’t expect was: I found that tea gift boxes are also coming. With a simple style, cartons within 30 yuan have replaced the luxury hand-held paper bags of the past.

u200bSeeing this, there is no way to stop in a store. The salesperson recommended Wuyi rock tea at 300 yuan per pound: this is the main product of our store, and it is also the most suitable for daily drinking at home. The price is very high. The reporter proposed to buy tea for a friend, and the salesperson recommended several tea boxes, and said that one of the 18 yuan kraft paper boxes was the best-selling: even if we bought thousands of yuan of tea, we still recommend this paper box, although it is simple, But the texture is not bad at all, and it is not bad for giving people a little friendship.

u200bIt may have been under the governance of Xi Jinping in the past two years. Actions such as curbing the consumption of public funds have a lot to do with mass consumption channels, high-end New Year goods, and the production of luxury paper bags. The editor also hopes that this trend can be continue to maintain.

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