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Why brand packaging boxes can replace general packaging

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-16

Generic packaging boxes have been slowly replaced by branded packaging. The most fundamental reason is that customized branded packaging boxes can not only leave a deep first impression on users, but also improve product reputation and user loyalty. Branded boxes are mainly customized from scratch around the company's specific needs, rather than using standard uniform pre-made packaging. Custom packaging includes formulating packaging shape, size, image, color, material, process and so on.

Imagine if you were buying a product from a new company for the first time. When you open the courier bag and see a generic box without a brand logo or other brand elements, you may need to think about what product is inside? However, there are more than that. The biggest feature of the universal packaging box is that it needs the product to adapt to the packaging. Therefore, the size of the box may not fit the size of the product. In either case, it will reduce the user's first impression of the brand.

The brand packaging box is different. The brand packaging box is customized according to the needs of the product. The user can recognize the brand of the product through the brand elements in the product packaging box at the moment of opening the package. In addition, many elements that can help improve the unboxing experience can be added to the box, allowing users to enjoy the services provided by the brand during the unboxing process.

If your product has any special advantages, you can also highlight the advantages of your product by customizing the branded box. For example, if your product is a high-end product, you can achieve this goal through high-end packaging materials and exquisite packaging techniques. If your product is pure natural, you can also promote your product through the graphic design of the packaging box or the selection of environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Branded packaging is very important for brands. In most cases, it is not only an integral part of brand marketing, but also an important element of the product. Compared with general-purpose packaging boxes, customized high-end packaging boxes are more flexible. They can not only improve the user's first impression of the brand, but also help promote the brand, increase product sales, and understand the company's mission and values. This is why brand packaging boxes can The most fundamental reason to replace generic boxes.

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