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Why blind boxes can be popular all over the world in a short time

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-08

Blind box is a sales model characterized by random selection of products within a specific range. Merchants will not mark specific products in the packaging gift box, but will only mark the general range of products. Stimulate consumers' desire to buy and repurchase. Blind box culture was first born in the United States, and later flourished in Japan's fashion circle. The original blind box is a trendy toy that can accurately cut into the young consumer market. So. Why can the blind box be popular all over the world in a short period of time?

Based on psychological research showing that uncertain stimuli reinforce repetitive decision-making, blind boxes have long been addictive. Young people's obsession with blind boxes is like middle-aged people's obsession with stocks. Buying blind boxes has become one of the trend cultures of young people today. Therefore, nowadays, the blind box trend is not only popular in the trendy circle, but the most common one is the beauty blind box.

When purchasing beauty blind boxes, we try our best to choose brand blind boxes. The most common one is Yangshulin (YSL) Christmas calendar blind box. Due to the full surprises given by the brand, it has also received many praises on the Internet. In addition, luxury brands such as Dior, Chanel, and Armani have also released limited blind boxes for makeup.

The blind box is different from the product packaging box, and the design of the blind box should be more inclined to the gift box design. In addition to attracting users' attention, the beautiful appearance can also increase users' expectations for the content of the blind box. Therefore, special attention should be paid to both the choice of blind box material and the design of the appearance.

Blind box is a special means of brand marketing, but as far as the brand is concerned, it is necessary to abide by market rules and undertake product quality assurance issues to ensure the authenticity of product quality information. Hype, thus losing more consumers' trust in the brand. Now as the market supervision department is gradually strengthening the management of blind boxes, the chaos in the blind box market has been well managed. As consumers, we can choose brands with high reputation, good reputation and perfect after-sales service for purchase.

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