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While making tea paper bags economical, we must also take precautions

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-25

It is said that this is a visual age, and attention can bring economic benefits. Drinking tea is a Chinese way of life, and in China, tea is indispensable. The tea packaging is like a piece of novel clothes, adding a bit of beauty to the originally plain tea.

So, what should I do with the tea bags and tea tins left over after drinking the tea? This question confuses many Chinese.

After many people run out of tea leaves, paper tote bags are made and packaged and sold to waste stations, and the tea cans are either repurposed or discarded. It is reported that most of the tea cans are made of tinplate, and a small part is made of aluminum. The domestic demand for various types of tinplate cans is about 700 billion per year, of which about 60 million are used for tea packaging. If these tea cans are thrown away, it will not only cause great waste, but also cause pollution to the environment.

Looking at the exquisite production of tea paper bags and tea cans, many people are reluctant to throw them away, so they transform them into useful things. Mr. Zhang, a citizen, used the tea cans as ashtrays, filled them with soot and then threw them away. Ms. Wang sticks the exquisite gift paper on the tea handbag, and uses it as a paper handbag. Miss Xie made the tea pot as a jewelry paper carrier bags. Mr. Su put a ceramic jar painted with blue and white patterns in the locker as a decoration.

To investigate these phenomena, we have made various investigations and designs for the production of tea paper bags. For details, please pay attention to our company's follow-up.

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