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Which paper bags are suitable for whiteboard printing?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-15

Whiteboard paper is widely used in the production and printing of paper bags. Most of the corrugated paper bags are printed on whiteboard paper, but the role of whiteboard paper is not only used for paper bag production and printing, but also used in other aspects. Let's find out together.

The most well-known function of whiteboard paper is the production and printing of paper bags. Because the processing characteristics and printing characteristics of whiteboard paper are better, if whiteboard paper is used as the background color, the performance of paper bag printing is stronger than that of other colors, and the paper bag production looks soft and comfortable, and will not give people a sense of oppression. This is the advantage of whiteboard paper, but correspondingly, the manufacturing cost of whiteboard paper will be relatively high.

Whiteboard paper is divided into single-sided and double-sided. Generally, the whiteboard paper made of paper bags is double-sided whiteboard paper. Both sides of this whiteboard paper have been bleached. It is mainly used in the production of high-quality paper bags or gift paper bags. , to make paper bag making more professional and refined. Single-sided whiteboard paper can be used in the production of other product paper bags, and the cost is not as high as double-sided whiteboard paper, so it is also a good choice to choose single-sided whiteboard paper for paper bag production and printing.

White cardboard is similar but different from white cardboard. White cardboard is generally used to make food paper bags, gift paper bags, cosmetic paper bags, moon cake paper bags and other product paper bags. If you need to make white cardboard paper bags or white cardboard paper bags, etc., you can contact us through the hotline or online customer service on the website.

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