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Which is better for making printing inks on paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-25

In our daily life, paper bag production and printing are very common. There are gift paper bag production, product paper bag production, food paper bag production, etc. Among all kinds of paper bag production and printing products, it can be said that food-grade paper bag production and printing have the most stringent requirements. . Because the production and printing of various types of food paper bags must take into account the health of consumers, when choosing a paper bag production and printing process, the safest food-grade printing production materials must be used. Special attention should be paid to the application of printing inks.

In the production and printing of product paper bags, when choosing printing inks, water-based inks are generally used. The water-based inks we are talking about here are the inks used in most flexographic paper bags at home and abroad. It is made of organic pigments, water-soluble resins, solvents and related additives through compound grinding. This printing ink is most suitable for the production and printing of food-grade product paper bags.


 In addition to water-based printing inks, ultraviolet (UV) curable inks are also commonly used printing inks. Ultraviolet curing ink refers to the ink in which the binder in the ink undergoes a cross-linking reaction under the irradiation of a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light, and changes from liquid to solid to complete the curing. Before the binder is dissolved, the macromolecular prepolymer is firmly To form an ink film, it is also very suitable for production and printing of product paper bags.

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