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When making jewelry paper bags, you must have a certain understanding of the hue of the color

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-05

Many packaging factories that provide paper bag making have their own opinions on the color matching of packaging products. Each color has a different meaning for each industry, and it is different for consumers in different regions. So if it is the little knowledge about color in the process of making jewelry paper bags, today I will share with you the little knowledge about color and hue factors.

Primary color, secondary color, complementary color and complex color are common classifications of colors. Normally, there are three main factors that make up a color. These three types of printing are brightness, purity, and hue. These three factors are indispensable factors to form a color, because different combinations can present different colors, and these three factors have different representative meanings. Hue is not the traditional meaning in Chinese culture. In the process of making jewelry paper bags, this hue is the basis for distinguishing different colors. Normally, the most primitive hue will be: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, The four rainbow colors of purple have different wavelength characteristics. When making jewelry paper bags, we learned that these 7 colors are the 7 basic color hues reflected by light refraction on our human retina. Here we face the impact of human retina. The biggest is the three hues of red, orange and yellow, because its wavelength is relatively long. On the contrary, the wavelength of light reflected from blue, purple and green into the retina will be much smaller. Correspondingly, the impact of these colors on the human retina will be much weaker, so the hue It can intuitively reflect the warm and cold colors, which is also one of the main basis for the distinction between warm and cold colors.

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