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When making cosmetic paper bags, you need to pay attention to these 4 points

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-02

Many times, merchants will ask themselves, what kind of cosmetic packaging is qualified, because the direction of making cosmetic paper bags is customized by themselves, but they often feel that something is wrong and cannot attract consumers. In fact, it is not blame for the customization of cosmetic boxes The design of the outer paper bag of cosmetics is often made more colorful, and it has its value when it attracts attention. It is very important to make consumers have the urge to consume. If it is not attractive enough, it allows consumers to think space, and their rationality It is likely to stop the urge to buy, but good colors need to be made of good inks. It is very important to check the ink. Usually, what kind of ink is qualified? Let's take a look at the carton manufacturer What did my teacher say~

The old master once said that if you want to make cosmetic paper bags taller, the ink must be dazzling. The plumpness makes the color of this ink more shiny, which is very important, and usually this saturated ink has low flatness, and it is easy to deform and have poor flexibility. If the flexibility is taken into account, it will be perfect. But I am a little puzzled when I hear the master say this. Can ink be used in the production of cosmetic paper bags only by these two points?

The answer is no, but the master did not tell me clearly what was going on, but according to the information on the ink knowledge points provided by the masters in the past, it can be seen that the ink wants to do a good job of color and good printing The durability is essential, because it is not easy to restore the super-high color. If the printability is not good enough, even the top-level substrate cannot restore the color. Another important thing is the good drying speed. The drying speed can effectively affect the degree of crystallization in the ink. These perfectly crystallized inks will have a very strong ability to reflect light, and a strong enough drying performance is the guarantee of the ink color.

Before I know it, the editor has introduced 4 criteria that can affect the evaluation of ink for cosmetic paper bag making. Good ink is really important for cosmetic paper box production. If merchants master these 4 When you click on the carton factory to visit, you can tell whether the manufacturer has the strength to make perfect cosmetic paper bags for yourself.

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