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When designing the box, what information is there for?

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-25
In general, when designing a packaging box, you should learn as much as possible about the relevant information, compare and choose, and then determine the performance to design. The following editor will explain the information designed for the product when designing the packaging box.
1. The brand image and brand meaning of the product in the design of the packaging box;
2. When designing the packaging box, it is aimed at the functional utility and texture attributes of the product;
3. The packaging box is designed according to the origin background and local factors of the product;
4. The packaging box is designed for the background of the commodity and the consumer object;
5. The packaging box is designed for the difference between the product and the current product;
6. The design of the packaging box is aimed at the design of the same kind of packaging box of the product;
7. The packaging box is designed for the common characteristics of the product and so on.
In summary, the above seven points are the issues that manufacturers need to consider when designing packaging boxes.
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