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What should we pay attention to when designing cosmetic kraft paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-03

The current market packaging is a common sales model. The design of cosmetic kraft paper bags is conceived according to different requirements and different characteristics. Let's take a look.

The characteristics of packaging are mainly reflected in practicality, aesthetics, economy, originality and relevance. There are many key points in the design of gift boxes. Practicality is one of the basic attributes of design. It mainly considers the function and function of the product, which can be reflected through the material, structure, shape and pattern of the packaging. Aesthetics requires the combination of various factors to design packaging products that conform to the characteristics of the times, national characteristics and outstanding aesthetics. The economy is to obtain the maximum product effect with the least capital investment. Originality is to be good at standardizing new innovations, but not divorced from society and the times, and to contain new creations in the ordinary form on the surface.

Target population. That is to say, according to the age level and spending power of the target customers, there are plans to control the production cost and color control of gift boxes. The specific form of the product. It can protect the goods and prolong the life of the goods. It is convenient for consumers to use. Reduce unnecessary environmental pollution.

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