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What should be considered at the beginning of the design of the packaging box?

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-03
At the beginning of the design of the packaging box, what factors need to be considered, this is a question worth thinking about, and it is also what everyone pays attention to. Let's let Hangzhou packaging box manufacturers analyze your doubts for you.
1. Science. It means that the packaging design first considers the packaging function of the packaging box to achieve the purpose of protecting the product, providing convenience and expanding sales.
2. Economy. It is required that the packaging design conforms to the modern advanced industrial production level, so as to achieve great economic effects with less financial resources, material resources, manpower and time.
3. Reliable. It is required that the packaging design protects the product to be reliable, and the product cannot be damaged, polluted or stolen in various circulation links. This requires scientific analysis of the packaged materials, the use of reasonable packaging methods and materials, and reliable structural design, and even some special treatments.
4. Beautiful. The aesthetics of the packaging box is the common requirement of the masses, so its packaging design creates a vivid, healthy and harmonious shape design and decoration design for the packaged products under the conditions permitted by functional and material and technical conditions.

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