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What production processes can be used in the production of cosmetic kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-06

Whether a cosmetic can stand out on the shelf depends on the exquisiteness of the cosmetic kraft paper bag design. The value of cosmetic kraft paper bags is not only reflected in the price of cosmetics, but also in the design of cosmetic kraft paper bags, among which the production of cosmetic kraft paper bags The refinement of craftsmanship and box shape is also a very important part. Whether consumers choose to buy the cosmetics often depends on whether a cosmetic kraft paper bag can attract customers in the first place. The craftsmanship of cosmetic kraft paper bags can reflect the essence of the cosmetic, and has a great influence on its overall effect. Let me share with you several common production processes in the production of cosmetic kraft paper bags.

1.UV technology: uv is crystal-like crystal clear, shiny, and also has a strong three-dimensional sense, fashion, personality, and instantly bring you a different visual experience.

2. Hot stamping process: The pattern is clear and beautiful, the color is bright and eye-catching, and it has the characteristics of wear resistance and weather resistance. Hot stamping on the package can play the role of finishing touch and highlighting the theme, and the effect is more significant.

3. Concave-convex process: various concave-convex graphics and patterns printed by embossing, showing different shades of patterns, more obvious embossing, enhancing the three-dimensional sense and artistic appeal, concave-convex embossing is printing The embossing art on the board is similar to the arching method used in wood watermarking in my country. The application and development of embossing technology in China has a long history.

Here we suggest that you should have more product value when making cosmetic kraft paper bags, and choose various packaging techniques reasonably to avoid unnecessary losses.

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