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What process does the product paper bag go through to deliver it to the merchant?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-08

If a product can be made with a suitable paper bag, the added value of the whole product will be greatly improved, so that the product will have greater competitiveness. In fact, many product paper bags are made by paper bag manufacturers. Selected carefully, through the method of highly restoring the design drawings, the production of a small product paper bag is extremely delicate, so what is the general process of the production of a small product paper bag before it is completed and delivered to the merchants? Let us know about it today.

The first thing is to conduct a series of consultations between the merchants and factories that need to make paper bags for this product, including: the design concepts and conditions that the merchants want, the processes that need to be involved, how much and how much, and then make the paper bags for this product The production factory will give feedback based on the information provided by the merchant or make suggestions for modification of some unreasonable and unrealistic designs or conditions, and finally after the two parties reach an agreed goal (including the completion of the design drawing), the merchant who needs the production of this product paper bag will First pay a small proofing fee to the factory for proofing.

Proofing is a high degree of restoration of the design drawing finally confirmed by the merchant who needs to make paper bags for this product through a combination of machinery and labor inside the factory. After careful selection of paper and cardboard materials and some strict processes In the process, a small batch of product paper bag production samples are made, and then the samples of this specification are handed over to the merchants who need product paper bag production for confirmation.

Once the product paper bag production demander has confirmed the sample, then the factory will carry out mass production according to the initial demand of the product paper bag production demander, usually this large batch will be at least 3000 or more, because no matter from Whether the operation of the printing equipment or the proficiency of the workers, it will affect the quality and work efficiency of a whole batch of products. The production quality of product paper bags will be uneven. Usually four-color printing on the equipment, that is, offset printing, is a fixed batch of raw materials. If the amount is too small, the most common thing is that many pigments cannot be used up, resulting in waste or sewage pollution. These All will greatly increase the cost of operation.

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