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What problems should be paid attention to in the packaging design of tea kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-11

What conflicts will occur between the packaging design of tea kraft paper bags and the production of tea kraft paper bags? Some customers who are engaged in tea sales are already preparing for the launch of spring tea next year. They want a new tea package in the new year, so they specially consulted the design company to create a tea kraft paper bag with beautiful appearance and low cost.

Not only want the tea kraft paper bag to be beautiful and elegant, but also don't want to pay too much cost, what should a design company do? The early design drawings are beautiful, but the processing technology is complex, and it is difficult to achieve factory processing. In order to realize various processes, the design drawings are completely overturned, and they are not beautiful and high-end. The situation that the design does not match the reality makes the customer very troubled, and it is easy to have a bad impression on the tea kraft paper bag manufacturer.

Especially the merchants who custom-made tea kraft paper bags for the first time pay special attention to the design of tea kraft paper bags. If the early design is exquisite, but no factory can make them according to the design drawings, it will waste too much time and energy. Therefore, I think it is better to find a manufacturer of tea kraft paper bag packaging design, printing and production. Manufacturers with production experience can better know the ease of design and process realization when designing tea kraft paper bags, and will design both beautiful and easy to produce. For tea kraft paper bags, the more important thing is to reach a certain quantity or design for free, which meets customers' requirements for low cost.

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