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What principles should the shape design of the packaging box follow?

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-02
Among the many commodity packaging box designs, all of them are fast, eye-catching and pleasing to attract consumers' attention. The packaging box should reflect continuity and uniqueness. In modern society, material is abundant, and the competition of similar products is fierce, so the shape design of the packaging box should follow the following principles:
1. Combine the product's own characteristics, and make full use of the formal beauty rules of the product's external elements.
2. Adapt to market demand, carry out accurate market positioning, and create brand personality.
3, to be; light, thin, short, small; in order to prevent excessive packaging, exaggerated packaging and useless
4. Draw inspiration from nature and use the simulation method to innovate the design of packaging shape.
5. Fully consider the environment and ergonomics.
6. Actively use new technology and new materials to design the appearance of modern packaging.
7. Vigorously develop serialized packaging shape design.
In summary, the above content introduces in detail the principles that should be followed in the shape design of the packaging box. If you need to consult more product information, please contact the editor in time.

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