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What principles should manufacturers pay attention to when designing cosmetic kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-29

We all know that no matter what kind of packaging, there will be a principle to make things well. We must consider from different angles when designing cosmetic kraft paper bags.

Packaging should start with the constituent elements such as trademark, pattern, color, shape, material, etc. On the basis of considering the characteristics of the product, follow some basic principles of the brand, such as: protecting the product, beautifying the product, convenient for use, etc. Coordinate and match to complement each other to obtain a good packaging solution. From the point of view of marketing, the brand packaging pattern and color are important factors to highlight the personality of the product, and the personalized brand image is an effective means of promotion.

The configuration of the product pictures, text and background in the packaging pattern of the gift box should be mainly to attract the attention of customers and directly promote the brand. Compared with the brand name, the stimulation of the packaging pattern to the customer is more specific, stronger and more persuasive, and is often accompanied by immediate purchase behavior. The basic principles it follows:

1. The form and content should be consistent and specific, and the product itself can be known by looking at the packaging.

2. To fully display the product. This is mainly adopted in two ways. One is to express the products with vivid color photos and to reproduce the products truly.

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