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What preparations do you need to make before designing cosmetic kraft paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-04

What preparations do you need to do before designing cosmetic kraft paper bags, do you know all these things you need to do? Let us, who have more than ten years of cosmetic kraft paper bag design, tell you about it.

1. Before going out to print, you must first choose the printing method, because each printing method uses different paper, ink, printing machine, different craftsmanship, different printing effects, different materials to be provided, and different printing prices. same. For example, general advertising pages and company product introductions can choose ordinary offset printing (referred to as offset printing), corrugated boxes can choose offset printing or screen printing (referred to as silk screen printing), and plastic film flexible packaging can choose gravure printing (referred to as gravure printing) or flexographic printing Printing (referred to as flexo printing), giant color advertising printing can choose silk screen printing or large-scale inkjet printing, curved objects can choose letterpress printing (referred to as letterpress printing), gravure printing or silk screen printing and so on.

2. Before the computer design and production, it is necessary to prepare the text draft and image draft required for the production (including the company logo required for the production, the registered trademark of the product, and the image should be clear, preferably reversal film, photo, The printout from the printer cannot be used as the image original, because of its low resolution and poor scanning effect), color requirements (mainly unchangeable colors, it is best to mark the value of CMYK), if the page has been designed, then It is necessary to provide a detailed layout, including the size of each page, the size of the image, the size and color of the text, the size and color of the color block, and the color mentioned here is best marked with the CMYK value.

3. If you design your own page, you should pay attention to the choice of finished product size. Before deciding the size of the finished product, you need to decide how many machines to use for printing, what paper to use (large paper or positive paper), how many pages can be arranged on a piece of paper, if the size is not suitable and a piece of paper is not full, it will be waste of paper.

The above are the preparations needed to make the gift box. After reading these, do you understand?

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