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What materials will tea kraft paper bag manufacturers choose when making them?

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-27

Products Tea kraft paper bag manufacturers design packaging technical standards Product packaging technical standards include all kinds of product packaging in production technical activities, sales packaging and transportation packaging varieties for all production. Components and properties, type structure, basic parameters, technical requirements, specifications and dimensions, process and packaging methods, experimental methods, pads and packaging markings, etc.

The technical basis for the design, manufacture and quality inspection of packaging. The scale and standardization of product packaging technology is of great significance to the production, transportation and storage of products and packaging, to accelerate the circulation speed, and to increase and expand sales, so as to improve the processing efficiency of packaging, save packaging materials, and reduce packaging costs.

Scale of kraft paper bag production and design packaging materials There are a wide variety of commodity packaging materials, mainly including paper, plastic, metal, wood, glass ceramics, textile fibers and fabrics. In order to ensure the excellent performance and packaging effect of packaging containers, it is necessary to specify corresponding standards for the materials used for important packaging containers. Regarding all kinds of packaging materials, because the production of packaging containers is different, the quality requirements are also different, and the technical indicators stipulated by the technical standards are also different. The technical indicators of various important packaging materials in my country are gradually formulated at national standards. In addition to referring to the relevant national or ministerial standards, the packaging materials used for tea packaging should also comply with the relevant regulations in the Food Sanitation Law.

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