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What materials are commonly used for tea gift packaging

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-18

Everyone is familiar with tea gift packaging. Every product has packaging, and the packaging of different products is different. Product packaging used to be just to protect the product from damage during transportation, but now, packaging has become an indispensable part of the product's facade. So, what materials are commonly used for tea gift packaging?

There are many kinds of packaging boxes in the market, but what are the materials of these packaging boxes? Ordinary packaging is relatively simple in material and structure, many of which are two-layer or single-layer structures, which are used for snack packaging of bread and desserts. Our commonly used packaging materials mainly include PET, VMPET, KPET, matte PET, OPP, pearl OPP, matte OPP and other materials, which are mostly used for conventional product packaging. BOPA and AL are generally used for high-end packaging. It is not used much in ordinary packaging. Paper materials generally include gray-backed whiteboard paper, white-backed whiteboard paper, double-sided coated white card, etc. There is also a low-corrugated type. The strength of the paper box produced by it is higher than that of other paper boxes. Compounding, dry compounding and extrusion compounding are three major sectors, among which dry compounding is the mainstream.

Food materials are mostly made of transparent boil-resistant high-barrier packaging bags, which are generally divided into two-layer structure (KPA/PE) and three-layer structure according to the weight of the product. Post-press auxiliary processes, such as embossing, hot silver/gold, window opening, filming, etc. These packaging materials are common packaging materials in our daily life. The quality of the packaging is also related to the quality of the material. The same packaging made of different materials will give people different effects. Longyuanchang Packaging specializes in the production of gift boxes. It has an excellent design team, advanced gift box production lines, and skilled packaging workers. Combining years of experience in making gift boxes and packaging, we can create wine packaging boxes, tea packaging boxes, gift boxes, and other exquisite packaging for you. Gift Package.

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