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What material is the custom paper bag usually made of?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-24
The price of gray board paper and double-sided white material is more cost-effective, and it can be said to be the cheapest material among all kinds of paper. Grayboard, as the name suggests, refers to paper with one side white and one side gray. The minimum thickness is 250 grams, and the hardness is softer. The printing effect is similar to that of white cardboard, and it also needs to be covered. Double-sided white is similar to grayboard, except that both sides are white, and the middle is gray, and the price is more expensive than grayboard.

In recent years, white kraft paper bags of about 180 grams are often used in clothing brands. This kind of paper bag is lighter to use and not particularly large, because its load-bearing capacity is not as good as that of white cardboard, but it is not easy to change color when printing, and it does not need filming , its price is also the highest among various materials. Of course, there are also yellow cowhide materials, which are relatively cheaper than the coated paper below, but the printing effect is not as good as other materials.

The weight of white cardboard is applicable from 210-300 grams, the weight of white cardboard is applicable from 180-350 grams, the weight of coated paper is applicable to 200-300 grams, and the weight of kraft paper is applicable to 158-280 grams. The commonly used materials for paper bags are: white cardboard, white board paper, coated paper, kraft paper, and a small amount of special paper.

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