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What kinds of cutting forms are there in the box?

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-02
The box is available in three cut forms. At present, packaging boxes are widely used in the packaging industry, and they have achieved remarkable results. However, for packaging boxes, whether the cutting is good or not directly affects its aesthetics, so cutting it is also concerned. There are usually several such cutting forms as follows:
1. Directly divide up and down: Graphic design is a more common form in packaging boxes. It divides the layout into two parts horizontally and vertically, one part of which is configured with pictures, and the other part is configured with plans. The horizontal division is relatively quiet and calm, slightly rigid, so the arrangement of the pictures should be as lively and dynamic as possible. The text in the pattern part should also be slightly more, and the layout should be adjusted, and now it has a strong emotional color.
2. Deliberately divided left and right: In contrast to the upper and lower division, the vertical division of the packaging box is divided into left and right parts, giving people a sense of lofty and solemnity. For visual reasons, pictures should be placed on the left side of the box, and small pictures or schemes should be placed on the right. If the contrast between light and dark on both sides is strong, the effect will be more obvious.
3. Oblique division: Placing the picture of the box obliquely or dividing the picture diagonally is more lively and lively than the upper and lower division, because the diagonal line can produce a sense of movement, and the effect will be more vivid for the inclined configuration of the box.
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