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What kind of paper is generally used for paper bag printing?

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-27

Nowadays, more and more merchants pay attention to the production of outer paper bags for products. For example, they want to package them into paper bags or color boxes. The outer packaging box is the outer shell of the product. The outer packaging box, such as paper bag production or color box, is responsible for the appearance It can improve the product grade, attract the attention of customers, and at the same time ensure that the product is not damaged. The product information it conveys is convenient to use and can promote sales. The material is generally related to paper, so what kind of material is generally used for gift box packaging? The following is an explanation of several papers that are more commonly used in paper bag making and color box printing.

Paper bag making packaging and printing materials are mostly used in five categories: corrugated paper, coated paper, gray board paper, special paper, white board paper

1. Corrugated paper Corrugated paper is a board formed by bonding liner paper and corrugated paper formed by corrugated rod processing. It has low cost, light weight, easy processing, high strength, and excellent printing adaptability. , Convenient storage and transportation, etc. Corrugated paper can be used as packaging for food or digital products, which is relatively environmentally friendly and widely used.

2. Gray board paper Gray board paper is produced from a kind of recycled waste paper. The products are divided into single ash, double ash and full ash, which are environmentally friendly packaging materials.

3. Specialty paper Specialty paper is a type of thick paper between paper and cardboard. It is meticulous and smooth, strong and wear-resistant. It has good water resistance and moderate flexibility. Can be used for all kinds of small packaging. This conventional paper bag packaging method can very well add luster to the product. The characteristics of simple cardboard box packaging are easy to transport and simple to use. Printing factories usually use white cards, black cards, red cards, etc. as cardboard boxes.

4. Coated paper Coated paper is often used as laminating paper in the packaging field. It is a high-quality printing paper made of base paper and white paint. The surface of the coated paper is very smooth and smooth, with high smoothness, whiteness and gloss, and the effect is very outstanding in terms of printing reproduction.

5. Whiteboard paper. Whiteboard paper is a kind of cardboard with white and smooth front side and gray bottom on the back. This kind of cardboard is mainly used for single-sided color printing and made into paper bags for packaging.

If you want to print cost-effective paper bags, the choice of material is very important. Therefore, companies or merchants must match their own products with the corresponding packaging boxes, and choose materials according to the value and purpose of their products. If customers want to make high-end packaging boxes, they can use special paper-mounted grayboard or copperplate paper-mounted high-quality packaging boxes. If you want to choose a relatively large quantity and affordable, you can choose corrugated paper or white cardboard. Of course, it can also be used in a comprehensive manner. .

If the business or company's external packaging material and size are unclear or have other questions, you can directly consult and communicate, and the professional packaging and printing manager will give you corresponding suggestions based on your needs and products. From the initial plan, design, to material selection, printing and processing, and finished products, we will provide all enterprises and businesses with a whole-hearted one-stop service, and provide you with time-saving and effort-saving solutions.

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