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What kind of paper do I need to make and print paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-23

What kind of paper do I need to make and print paper bags?

Generally, color boxes can be divided into 2 categories when related to materials: facial paper and pit paper. Usually color box face paper is commonly used (called in Taiwan): gray copper, cupronickel, single copper, gorgeous card, gold card, platinum card, silver card, laser card, etc.

There are 2 types of whiteboards: 1, white copper, 2, single copper. What they have in common is that both sides are white. The difference is the cupronickel: one side is smooth and the other side is not smooth, that is, one side has a coated surface and the other has no coated surface. The popular point is that the front side can be printed, but the reverse side cannot be printed.

Single copper: Both front and back sides have coating surface, both front and back can be printed. Gray-bottomed gray boards have this kind of paper, but they are not used on color boxes. Gray-bottomed whiteboards are so-called 'gray copper paper'. The general white card is also the white paper with a white background. It is just the abbreviation for general quotation, except for special white cards, such as platinum cards, silver cards, etc.

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