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What kind of material is the best gift box for gift giving?

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-15

The gift box will continue to innovate with the product design. From the perspective of the product, we will design our needs in terms of printing, craftsmanship, and the product will gradually innovate with the change of consumer demand. Being eliminated, this is a more in-depth topic, so what kind of gift box is the best material for gift giving? Let's take a look at the introduction of Yiwu Jialan Package Co, LTD.

In the ever-changing packaging industry, many special materials have appeared in the application of materials. In terms of paper, various processed special papers have appeared. However, some special papers are due to the printing technology. Goodness can't make big breakthroughs so it's not common on today's boxes. And from the big material to distinguish the material of the gift packaging box, there are generally: paper type, the molding box is generally equipped with a handbag or a portable shape. The wooden box has a good bearing capacity and has a certain weight. It is generally used as the storage packaging of some high-end health care boxes.

In the choice of gift box material, I still prefer carton. Paper is more comprehensive in printing technology, easier to form and change, and can be formed into low, medium and high-grade packaging boxes through different processes. Its more environmentally friendly material is also the first choice for many product packaging and food packaging.

From the analysis of the consumer market, in terms of etiquette and customs, the product packaging for gifts in most counties, towns and cities is basically in the form of a carton, and the grade of packaging depends on the printing process and the quality of the molding. Easy to print and process, environmental protection is the basic feature of the carton. From a social perspective, carton packaging will not be abandoned

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The above is the introduction of the editor. The packaging of gifts should not only pay attention to design and material, but also pay attention to regional culture, customs and traditions, and what occasions are needed for gifts. Yiwu Jialan Package Co, LTD.www. is a company It is a joint-stock enterprise mainly engaged in color printing and post-processing. It is mainly engaged in the design and printing of product packaging boxes, gift packaging boxes, card books, and other products.

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