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What kind of cosmetic packaging box is easy for people to choose

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-04

With the rapid economic development, cosmetics have gradually become the mainstream products of people. In the dazzling cosmetic consumer market, unique cosmetic packaging is one of the important reasons for attracting consumers to buy products, and cosmetic packaging is a very convincing salesman. So, what kind of cosmetic packaging box is easy for people to choose.

Cosmetic Packaging Box

1. What type of box is right for you?

I have made all kinds of packaging boxes and have my own opinions on the packaging of different products. Whenever a customer asks about cosmetic packaging, the first thing to determine is the customer product and its value. If the customer's product only sells for 20-40 US dollars, it seems that the recommended 3-4 US dollars is not recognized. At this time, paper with thinner material can be considered, of course, the pit box mainly used for transportation is also possible. As long as the design is unique, the packaging will also be beautiful.

For cosmetic packaging worth more than $100, you can make bold suggestions. Thicker paper is the first condition, at this time we can suggest some unique packaging. The heaven and earth box is an ordinary box type, of course, with the perfect design and craftsmanship, it will also make people yearn for it. According to customer requirements, book box, environmentally friendly kraft paper box, drawer box, display box can be a good choice.

2. Makeup looks less messy If your makeup is bottled, consider making a high-end eva or sponge insert. Each cosmetic has its own place and looks well organized. The prices aren't so outrageous either.

Of course, if an affordable shipping box is chosen. Considering the safe transportation of the product, raffia and copy paper are good choices. Maybe the product is not so patchwork, but the proper placement can also make him look unique.

Whether it is neto or raffia, copy paper, at this time you can choose your preferred color according to your own preferences, we will definitely make you dazzled.

3. About design and craftsmanship

For cosmetic packaging with its own brand, a logo is the best way to let customers know about you. In order to make the logo appear unique, we generally suggest different processes according to the characteristics of the customer's logo. Bronzing is our more commonly used process, gold, silver, rose gold, etc. for you to choose. Of course, in addition to bronzing, we also have UV, bumping and other methods to highlight the logo.

》》》The gift box factory tells you the value that the packaging box design brings to the product

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