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What is the role of the pattern design of tea kraft paper bag manufacturers?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-10

Nowadays, the production of kraft paper bags is no longer simple black and white or monotonous colors of corrugated boxes. The simple kraft paper bag design can no longer meet the discerning eyes of consumers. The role of tea kraft paper bag manufacturers to design patterns is also to attract the public's attention, and different patterns are designed to cater to consumers with different tastes. The use of patterns makes the products more vivid, vivid and interesting. The visual graphics should be fully used to make consumers have rich psychological associations, affect consumers' feelings, and stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

The design of the tea packaging box should incorporate the culture and history of tea. Tea is a kind of national commodity. Some patterns with strong national cultural flavor such as Chinese paintings, landscape paintings, auspicious patterns, folk paper-cuts, and ethnic representative patterns can be used to express the traditional nature of tea, but we cannot stop at copying some traditional ones. Patterns, but should be integrated into the design of tea packaging boxes in the subtle, emotional, delicate and other characteristics of traditional art.

We can use modern design techniques to simplify, contrast, intersperse, diffuse, and recombine traditional cultural symbols, so that the production of gift boxes has national characteristics without losing a modern sense, that is, infiltrating traditional Chinese culture into tea In the packaging design, the modern design method is used to express it implicitly, so that the tea packaging box has a fashionable and lively modern sense, and also contains the historical and cultural atmosphere.

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