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What is the role of the packaging of tea kraft paper bag manufacturers?

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-26

In the image design of the tea kraft paper bag manufacturer's packaging, it is necessary to combine both the sense of a long history and the sense of the times with the concept of health. Therefore, the design can neither be too pedantic without a modern flavor, nor too fashionable without a historical background.

If the simple text description will make consumers tired, and the simple image will not make consumers a better choice. But if in the packaging design, the labeling of the image has the effect of slimming, then such a more purposeful label will be more attractive to the target group of consumers, so its sales will also be greatly improved. It can be seen that the image of the packaging box can not only have a more suitable outer packaging, but also make it more convenient and efficient for the consumer group to choose from, and also arouse the consumer's desire to buy, thereby increasing sales. quantity.

Gift box making can be used as a decoration! For example, many beautiful kraft paper bags have very good patterns on them! You can put it in a conspicuous place to make your house shine! Reflecting the beauty may wish to have a beautiful scenery! Can be used as a storage tank! We might as well put small things such as girls' hairpins, pins and other small things into the tea packaging box so that it is convenient to find! Sometimes we can use well-sealed tea packaging boxes for candy, which is not a good trick! Importantly, it can be used as a storage tank!

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