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What is the role of kraft paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-06

Now when many tea kraft paper bag manufacturers make kraft paper bags, they let the printing factory simply design them on the basis of the male mold. The molds of these kraft paper bags are universal, and the patterns of the kraft paper bags are also similar. Consumers It is difficult to have any special feeling when you see the product. It can be said that many products can't be used when the kraft paper bag is seen by consumers.

In fact, we should make good use of kraft paper bags to attract consumers. If the company has a certain strength, you can invite professional designers to design the entire kraft paper bag, including the pattern and the form of the kraft paper bag, that is, to design a special version of the kraft paper bag, such as the one designed by Jin and Liu in 2011 by Bama. The visualization series is like the ripples caused by a piece of tea falling on the water. The preservation on the porcelain creates infinite reverie. This kraft paper bag can give people a bright feeling. Of course, if the strength of the enterprise is not enough, it is not necessary to design some special-edition kraft paper bags with such technical content, because this is indeed a bit expensive, and they should make a good point on the kraft paper bag pattern. Kung fu, this can also play some role, if we can't be different on the kraft paper bag, then let us be different in the pattern.

This factor is not considered in the production of gift boxes. The problem is concentrated in two categories. One is relatively luxurious kraft paper bags. Enterprises only consider the luxury of kraft paper bags, and often ignore the convenience of packaging and use. It is not very convenient for consumers to use tea leaves after purchase. Taking out or putting in tea leaves will repeat several unnecessary procedures. The other is low-end tea, which often ignores the convenience of consumers when considering the cost of kraft paper bags. For example, many companies' low-end green tea or black tea are packed in plastic bags or paper bags, but such kraft paper bags are often squeezed due to logistics or when consumers buy them, causing the tea leaves to break and shatter. And this problem only requires the company to change the bag to a box, and it is much more convenient for consumers to use.

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