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What is the role of kraft paper bag making in the food industry?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-18

1. The production of kraft paper bags can protect the product's proper luster, fragrance and shape and prolong the product life:

It is very important for chocolate to maintain its proper appearance for a certain period of time. The chocolate surface should have good brightness and cocoa aroma. These qualities largely depend on the form of the kraft paper bag, the material of the kraft paper bag and the effectiveness of the packaging. degree. Chocolate products are heat-sensitive foods and products with a high fat content. The temperature is limited to below 25 degrees Celsius, above 25 degrees Celsius the chocolate will gradually melt.

Therefore, the primary function of making kraft paper bags is to facilitate the moisture and heat insulation of chocolate products. The material and form of kraft paper bags suitable for the products are used to help the products maintain their proper flavor and shape in a humid and hot environment. Prevent oil oxidation, thereby extending product shelf life.

2. The production of kraft paper bags can prevent microbial and dust pollution and improve product hygiene and safety:

Chocolate products are high-protein foods, and it is especially important to prevent microbial contamination of praline or praline products, because protein and nutrients in chocolate are excellent microbial media, and if these products are contaminated by bacteria , In the process of storage, it will speed up the speed of product infestation and deterioration, resulting in loss of commodity value. Therefore, tight kraft paper bags can avoid microbial contamination and ensure product hygiene and safety.

3. Kraft paper bags make exquisite products Kraft paper bags can improve consumers' desire to buy and the value of goods:

Commodity quality, price and kraft paper bags are the three main factors in the market commodity competition. On the road to the market, the design of kraft paper bags is an important one. Because the kraft paper bag has a distinctive product design, it will give people a strong visual effect on the shelf and increase consumers' desire to buy.

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