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What is the reason why the exquisite gift box is more expensive than the ordinary box?

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-20
As we all know, expensive products on the market generally use relatively exquisite gift boxes, but some merchants choose ordinary packaging boxes, which not only reduces the sales of products, but also has a bad impact on the enterprise, so many merchants choose the function A variety of gift boxes with beautiful appearance. However, the price of this type of gift box is much higher than that of ordinary ones. So what is the reason for this?
First of all, most of the exquisite gift boxes are handmade gift boxes, which generally need to be done by hand or partly by hand. The manual production speed is slow, and the labor cost is naturally high. Ordinary packaging boxes are produced in large quantities by factories, and the cost is low.
Secondly, all exquisite gift boxes are pasted gift boxes. They are all pasted on the outside of cardboard or wood, high-quality art paper or binding cloth and leather to achieve the design effect, and the material cost is also much higher than that of ordinary packaging boxes. Ordinary packaging boxes are generally cardboard boxes or corrugated packaging boxes, and the material cost is very low.
Afterwards, exquisite gift boxes generally need to be equipped with suitable linings, and the production cost of the lining can also account for a large part of the gift box, and sometimes even higher than the cost of making the gift box.
To sum up, the above content describes in detail the reasons why exquisite gift boxes are more expensive than ordinary packaging boxes. If you have any suggestions for this, you can consult our Yiwu Jialan Package Co, LTD.
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