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What is the reason for the degumming phenomenon of gift boxes?

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-15
As we all know, gift box manufacturers often have many problems in the process of producing gift boxes. For example, a common problem in the process of pasting gift boxes is the phenomenon of glue opening. What causes this? Let me explain it below.
1. Too much water is mixed in the glue, which dilutes the concentration and causes the glue not to be sticky.
2. When the gift box is made, the glue is uneven, and there is too little glue in some parts.
3. The scraper is not scraped in place, resulting in the unsuitable adhesion of the tissue paper and the cardboard.
4. The gift box has been left to dry for too long, causing the glue to dry.
The above information is that in the process of making the gift box, it is easy to open the glue.

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