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What is the magic weapon for making kraft paper bags to become the new favorite of the market?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-17

When giving gifts to relatives, friends or leaders during the festival, it is impossible to send naked gifts directly, nor to wrap them in plastic bags and give them away. This is too expensive. At this time, the paper bag making of gift paper bags should be grand. Appeared! In recent years, with the deepening of anti-corruption work, the production of paper bags that are too luxurious will inevitably lead to the suspicion of corruption, so the high-end market in the packaging industry is getting smaller and smaller. Every important festival in previous years, the packaging of gifts is very luxurious, and there are many cases where the packaging materials are more expensive than the goods themselves. However, in recent years, with the simplicity of gift paper bag making, paper bag making has become a new favorite in the paper bag making industry because of its recyclability, multiple use and low cost.

As a paper bag making material, kraft paper has high strength and is usually yellowish-brown. Its biggest advantage is that the production cost is low, and it often does not need to be filmed, so the cost performance is very high. For food paper bag making materials, its primary function is to provide convenience and practicality. In this regard, the strength of kraft paper gives it an absolute advantage, and only a strong enough outer paper bag can make the food not fall off. Of course, in the production of paper bags for liquid food, kraft paper can keep the same in a humid environment, so it can prevent the outflow of liquid food and play a better role in the production of paper bags.

In addition, kraft paper can also meet the requirements for the materials required for the production of paper bags for frozen food. Compared to other foods, the temperature of frozen foods varies widely, and strength is the main factor to consider for frozen foods. In terms of strength, it is clear that kraft paper is better than homogeneous bleached kraft paper.

To give a few examples of the wide application of kraft paper, when you go to eat Pizza Hut or McDonald's, you can see the shadow of kraft paper. Generally, the bags used for packaging are made of kraft paper. Usually, the kraft paper used in the production of such kraft paper bags Low weight, made of wood pulp, food-grade, and oil- and water-resistant.

Closer to home, at the beginning of the article, the editor mentioned gift paper bags. Kraft paper is also widely used in this regard. Because of its super plasticity, it can be made into various shapes, and then add color and film. , paper bag making immediately becomes taller, and it is a low-key luxury, which will neither make your gift too eye-catching nor make your gift look shabby. Do you have a reason to refuse such kraft paper bag making?

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