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What is the 'hot stamping' process of custom kraft paper bag manufacturers?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-08

The finished product of an exquisite kraft paper bag is relatively complicated, and it is quite troublesome in the process of customizing the kraft paper bag, material selection, craftsmanship, etc.! Especially now that there are so many kinds of packaging, the packaging process is even more dazzling! Next, the kraft paper bag custom manufacturer will explain the hot stamping process in the packaging in detail for you!

What is hot stamping? Hot stamping is one of the most common processes in the customization of kraft paper bags. It mainly refers to the transfer of hot stamping materials or hot stamping patterns to the objects to be hot by hot pressing on paper, cardboard and other items. processing. The hot stamping process of binding is generally more on the cover, and its forms are various, such as single material hot stamping, hot stamping without hot material, mixed hot stamping, set hot stamping, etc.

The hot stamping technology of kraft paper bag customization manufacturers is also the process of transferring the pattern on the anodized aluminum to the substrate by heat and pressure! In the production process of current kraft paper bags, this kind of process is also used relatively more!

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