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What is the function of oiling kraft paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-19

Usually when we make custom paper bags, white card or coated paper will increase brightness and load-bearing by laminating, but kraft paper bags are not suitable for laminating because their surface is not like the first two kinds of paper. As smooth as that, generally at most, the film will also play a waterproof role on the inner side. Kraft paper will increase the brightness by oiling.

Over-oiling and laminating are divided into varnish and dummy oil, that is, a layer of oil is applied on the surface of the printed matter. Varnish can mainly improve the brightness of printed matter, and can be used for gift paper bag making or clothing paper bags for toys and children's clothing; dumb oil can make paper bag production more stable and high-end, like some high-end clothing paper bags or business celebration paper bags. Consider using it.

In addition to the above functions, the oiling can also protect the ink on the surface of the kraft paper bag, make the bag surface have a higher smoothness, reduce the blurring of printing due to friction, and have a certain waterproof effect.

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