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What is the difference between paper bag making and graphic design?

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-30

Graphic design uses vision to convey the hidden artistic state, while the paper bag production of the packaging box integrates the natural and social characteristics of the packaging, and belongs to a unique design within the same plane. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly distinguish the differences contained in the two categories of designs.

Existing paper bag production covers two types of forms: plane and three-dimensional. The design elements are selected, and the signal is transmitted by merging related points such as text, graphics, and colors. The production of paper bags emphasizes the diverse information of the goods, and in the circulation of each category, the focus of the packaging is also different. Yes, the purpose is to highlight the characteristics of the product and attract buyers. It will also add craftsmanship on the packaging to enhance the texture.

The existing graphic design is a design path belonging to the second dimension. Mainly use paper materials as a medium to convey the design points. Graphic design covers a variety of key points, integrating language symbols, patterns under a combined frame, and diverse colors, and emphasizes the publicity in a static situation. Graphic design highlights the extension and expansion of thinking.

In addition to integrating a variety of characters, patterns, and colors, paper bag production also started to explore novel packaging techniques. With the development of the economy, buyers' demands on the material level have also increased. When selling various types of products, maintaining the existing product safety is a problem that should be paid attention to. Therefore, compared with graphic design, paper bag making pays more attention to novel safety technology when adding beauty.

The production of paper bags for goods expresses the various attributes covered by the goods by adopting paper bag production from different paths and supplies them to buyers, such as adding visual enjoyment by adopting artistic design, and ensuring consumer safety by selecting production equipment technology. However, graphic design is based on a unique theme, using text patterns to build an abstract artistic framework that expresses a unique theme. However, when the product is equipped with packaging, it involves various principles covered by graphic design, but the two cannot be confused. This is because the paper medium contained in graphic design limits the scope of this design. Designs constructed under a graphic frame can only take the aesthetics in the visual hierarchy as a focus in order to spread unique information.

Compared with paper bag production, the existing graphic design highlights the narrow characteristic in the unique form selected. This is because graphic design is confined to paper, and can only obtain the desired aesthetic effect through the delivery of information. However, compared with various types of packaging, the existing graphic design reflects the consciousness of more individuals, thus extending the creation space. Under the general trend of pursuing beauty, all types of design things should be in line with the needs of the aesthetics framework, and enjoy beautiful enjoyment through information transmission.

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